Frei Und Apple is born from an inner personal path far from fashion, but through colours and forms very close to the creative spirit which is authentically personal for each woman.

A little twist of colour is sometimes enough to personalize and define a look, to give a certain feeling to the moment in which we are wearing something special playing with our personal mix and match, to create a truly personal style through the truly personal mix.

Frei Und Apple invites every woman who is aware of her own essence, style, character and of what gives her good feelings to abandon the limits set by fashion, every outfit made by others, fashion examples brought by others who are fare from each individual personality, in order to mix with personal creativity and no fear or inhibiton style elements between fashion and accessorizes, retro and contemporary, ironic sense and intellectual sense.

The invite brings us to abandon ourself to fantasy and elegance, which through the latin word of choice (‘eligere’) indicates personal choice of those elements who manage to maximize expression of our own personality.

Thus every colorful t-shirt, swim suit, leggings or accessorize becomes a small pill who saves our look and our spirit, bringing us back to our own authenticity and to the awareness that everything that we express is syntom of something coming from our intimate spirit. No one can decide or help us to create our style better than ourself, for this every Frei Und Apple piece is only a smaller ‘piece’ of each woman’s personal style.