The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract concluded with, with no penalty, within fourteen (14) days from the goods delivery. In addition, the customer is allowed to return the goods if failures in shipping occur or the items do not correspond to the expected quality.

Goods return procedure
The right of withdrawal/return is subject to the following conditions:

• The withdrawal/return form must be carefully and correctly filled in and forwarded to Frei und Apple within 14 days from the goods receipt. Furthermore, the reasons of withdrawal/return must be stated.
• The items have to be returned by forwarding agent as indicated by Frei und Apple or other courier, to the following address : Frei und Apple, Via Circo 7 20123 Milan, Italy
• Returns have not to be washed, used, worn or damaged.
• The items have to be provided with the identification tag
• The items have to be returned intact and not used in their original package. If you want to return a kit, please include all its components.
• Goods must be returned by one shipment only. Frei und Apple reserves the right not to accept the restitution of items included in the same order but returned with more than one shipping.
• Before shipping the goods, you will receive from Frei und Apple an e-mail confirmation, to be enclosed in the dispatch of the items.
• The goods must be delivered to the forwarding agent within fourteen (14) days from the receipt of our mail confirmation.

Terms of refund
After receiving the returns, Frei und Apple will check the fulfilment of all requirements and send you an e-mail of confirmation/payment/replacement of your returns. Frei und Apple will arrange the refund of the already paid amounts, less any shipment cost and, when necessary, italian custom duties paid for returning goods. Once the correct execution of the term and conditions above mentioned is verified, you will be refunded as soon as possible. At least, within forty-five (45) days from the goods receipt, Frei und Apple will activate the refund procedures.
In case of incorrect return procedure, as specified in this paragraph, you have no right to be refunded, whereas returned objects can be delivered to you once again, at your own expenses. Otherwise, Frei und Apple is allowed to keep the goods, along with the amounts paid for it. Should the products received indicated in the order form different from the person who arranged the payment Frei und Apple, in case of goods return, will refund the amount to whom effected the payment.

Shipping costs of returns, including responsibility in case of loss or damaging, are to be paid by customer. In case of faulty pieces, shipping costs are at Frei und Apple 's expenses, if our couriers – (dhl/bartolini)- is involved in the forwarding.Refund will be arranged within a period of time depending on the form of payment selected to pay the purchasing price:

• by credit/debit card: refund will be available depending on your credit/debit card, usually within two statements of account.
• By bank transfer: refund will be credited on the same bank account.
• By PayPal: the amount will be refunded on your PayPal account and will be immediately visible from the moment in which Bagheera accepts your return. The effective refund on your credit card from your PayPal account depends on the credit card, usually within 30 days.
If the object was originally intended as a present, Bagheera will refund the person who arranged the payment. Identification tag
All products are provided with an identification tag attached with a disposable seal. Please do not remove the tag, in order to be allowed to exercise your right to return the goods when necessary. Frei und Apple will not accept returns if tags and seals have been removed.