Frei Und Apple is an Italian brand, entirely made in Italy with high quality manufacturing and original print design. An inner, authentic and private path, a therapy of patterns, colours and geometries which fine-tunes your look to your mood by exploring your best vibes.



Frei Und Apple comes as a gallery of unique prints declined into many different styles without season nor collection.
The deliberately simple designs are just like textile accessories, colour pills, that can be worn as the expression of a personal style.



The free interpretation of colour as universal, symbolic language that connects the inner and outer world, as well as the matter and the spirit at once. A call to communicate in a symbolic, creative way, between irony and research, shapes and shades, making your personal style unique. Independence, vitality and research: this is the essence of Frei Und Apple.


A journey across cultures and dreams, metaphores and materials, garments and tiny inner vibes. Each print relates to a state of the soul: easy, playful, flawless, crowded, intimate, ethnic, classic. An actual archive of feelings which are expressed through unseen colour combinations.

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