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A Gallery of Prints

Frei Und Apple comes as a gallery of unique prints declined into many different styles without season nor collection. The deliberately simple designs in wool jersey and second-skin cotton are just like textile accessories, colour pills that can be worn as the expression of a personal style which knows no clock, calendar or weather. Our business model promotes a circular economy by eliminating the concept of seasonality, and expresses itself through everyday's contamination as an elegant, unexpected surprise.

Ready to mix

The prints suggest total looks as well as unusual combinations that give new life to the wardrobe thanks to its hints of colour, somewhere between vintage and contemporary. Our fashion garments become accessories ready to colour up and transform even the most boring outfit. Choose, match and wear our patterns, colours and geometries that free your personal style from conventions.

Second skin fabrics

180 grams cotton and soft wool interlock jersey accompany the movement, enveloping the body like a second skin. Instead, the prints support the mood: they camouflage, enhance and shield, coming as layers of feelings and colours and lending themselves to overlapping and contrasts. All of our carefully selected and natural materials are processed in Italy with rigor and passion, and then combined with exclusive prints to generate a brand new language of the body and soul.

Made in Italy excellence

All Frei Und Apple garments are born from self-designed prints and entirely Made in Italy. They come to life from a careful chain and excellent manpower: each print is positioned by hand and each style is individually marked and cut in Northern-Italy selected laboratories. Every artisan embraces our project with passion, working to guarantee the care and pleasure of a high quality item.

Contemporary Italian heritage

A look at past ancestral memories expressed today through research and a solid awareness of the best Italian quality and manufacturing. The basic garments come to life, allowing colour and individual taste to emerge through own's indvidually created style. Frei Und Apple’s Colour Therapy takes a journey across soul and memory, and carefully selects the best manufacturers to guarantee the perfect mix of quality and small runs.


Spirited by the concept of dressing the soul and surprising with elegance, the designer Carina Negrone withdraw the Vogue Talent 2009 award with her collection of prints and garments-accessories, thanks to their lively and unconventional spirit. After 10 years, Frei Und Apple stays faithful to its solid aesthetic and love for contamination between art, culture and nature.

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